Glover Park, Washington, DC

Saturday, August 1, 2009

JP's Strip Club Gutted by Fire

JP's, a long controversial strip club in Glover Park, was gutted by fire early this morning. The 2-alarm blaze attracted over 100 firefighters and resulted in extensive damage to the establishment as well as some damage to each of the adjacent businesses. JP's has recently been the target once again of neighbors' concerns over having such an establishment in their neighborhood. The recent re-application for renewal of their liquor license and the flaming gasoline attack on an employee of Good Guys - a strip club across the street - have re-energized the complaints and efforts by some residents of Glover Park to compel the Advisory Neighborhood Commission try to oust them from the neighborhood. The ANC subsequently backed approval of their liquor license renewal last month.

Wisconsin Avenue, a major commuter artery into downtown DC, was shut down for most of the morning rushhour, creating chaos on the side streets through the neighborhoods and snarling traffic for miles. Allegedly, a natural gas pipe inside the building broke and caught fire.

Originally posted 1/22/08

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