Glover Park, Washington, DC

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bourbon Owner to Replace My Bakery & Cafe

Bill Thomas, the owner of Bourbon restaurant (2348 Wisconsin Ave), is planning to open a new restaurant in space currently occupied by My Bakery & Cafe at 2233 Wisconsin Ave. My Bakery has struggled to attract an evening/dinner crowd in the basement of the office building at the south end of the neighborhood, somewhat away from the foot traffic and not visible from the street level. The meals are great, the baked goods are wonderful, but it seems that the volume of business cannot support such a high-rent area.

Bill Thomas believes he can make a deli succeed in that location. He plans to have a beer/wine license, serve a good beer selection on tap, and set up a billiards area in the large space. Another key to succeeding in this location in to set up an inviting outdoor space that catches the eye of pedestrians. My Bakery efforts fell short of such an attractive outdoor area. Mr. Thomas - like any good businessman/restauranteur considering the neighborhood - would like to expand the liquor license to allow service until 1am or 2am. Many restaurants rely on late night liquor sales to support the business. Finally, Glover Park does have a great market for the lunch crowd during weekdays with all the office space surrounding that location. Targeting this market will also be a key to success.

Originally posted 1/21/08

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