Glover Park, Washington, DC

Saturday, August 1, 2009

December 5th Snow

Tuesday evening 12/4 the weather experts assured us that we would get no accumulation of snow in the city on Wednesday morning. Wednesday morning was a commuter's nightmare with accumulated snow and ice on the roads creating treacherous conditions. No streets in Glover Park had been salted or sanded and multiple accidents occured. Some of the most dangerous places were hilly areas, like Manor Place and 37th St. where a five car pileup began with a vehicle sliding down the hill into a parked car, then every car behind slid into the car in front, until there was no more room to slide. The street was closed for much of the day. A number of fender-benders also occured at Benton St. where it meets Tunlaw Road. This slight downslope was a sheet of ice, causing even very slow-moving cars to slide into the cars in front of them, and through the stop sign onto Tunlaw.

Snow continued to fall all day with about 4 inches of accumulation by nighttime, resulting in another disastrous morning commute on Thursday with many side streets gridlocked with sliding cars and buses spinning their wheels. Some cars could not navigate even the slightest incline due to the layer of ice on many streets. By midday Thursday, the ice melted and most streets were clear. The city then sent out it's salt trucks in Glover Park to salt clear streets, leaving the terribly corrosive salt everywhere yet apparently having no effect whatsoever, since the ice had melted hours ago.

Originally posted 12/9/07

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