Glover Park, Washington, DC

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good Guys Controversy Heating Up

The controversy over the existence of Good Guys and JP's, two strip clubs in the neighborhood, has been heating up recently.

First a little background:

Good Guys and JP's have operated in Glover Park for many years, to the dismay of many residents who do not wish to have such establishments in their neighborhood. Knowing this, the owner of Good Guys has attempted to be a good neighbor by donating money and having employees volunteer at various Glover Park events. They do contribute more than most other businesses in the neighborhood. When Mama Maria's, the Italian restaurant next door, closed for business earlier this year, Good Guys announced plans to purchase the property and expand its operations into the space. A small group of residents submitted a formal protest to the DC government, but the protest was rejected on a technicality and the efforts seemed to evaporate for a few months. Then just a few weeks ago an employee of Good Guys was viciously attacked, mutilated and almost killed by a disgruntled patron. This horrible crime sparked a renewed effort by residents to voice their opinions about ousting the strip clubs from the neighborhood.

Recent events:

Two recent events have brought this issue to a crossroads. First, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission is considering opposing the renewal of their liquor licenses which are currently up again for consideration. Liquor license control is an effective method of influencing the type of businesses and how they operate in the neighborhood, and of course, a bar would be out of business without one. Second, the previously filed protest, which was rejected, has been submitted to the DC Court of Appeals for reinstatement. The Court of Appeals might issue a decision in the next few days. Both issues have made the owner of Good Guys quite nervous about the future. Allegedly, he has approached a small group of residents who tend to be vocal and influential at the ANC3B monthly meetings and has offered a deal to them. He allegedly proposes that if these few individuals will support his application for liquor license renewal (i.e. not voice opposition at the ANC meeting) he will drop his plans to expand into the Mama Maria's space. Instead, he would propose to expand to the second floor of his establishement, thus doubling patron capacity anyway. He also allegedly has threatened that if he is opposed but gets his license anyway, he will accelerate plans to purchase the property next door and move into the Mama Maria's space. It is not certain at this point how the group of residents will respond to the proposal and threat.We are quickly approaching a crossroads in the coming days and residents' attention and response could determine the future of these establishments.

Originally posted 11/27/07

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