Glover Park, Washington, DC

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ceviche Closes; Kitchen Opens

Ceviche, the restaurant that opened to fanfare in Glover Park last year, has abruptly closed its doors as of the beginning of 2009. Apparently the concept just didn't work for the location and business was not so good. Ceviche had replaced the Austin Grill, a mainstay in Glover Park for many years. Ceviche's owners have not given up though - they have opened a new restaurant called Kitchen which will have a southern theme in its food and decor. Seems the food will be cheaper, the chairs are from the Salvation Army and the barstools are John Deere tractor seats. Is this a commentary on the Glover Park clientele??

Interestingly, Ceviche was tied to Gin & Tonic nearby (having the same owner) and apparently served as its kitchen for any food. Since Ceviche closed, Gin & Tonic has been ordering takeout from Z-Burger and serving their food at inflated prices. Strange. When it opened Gin & Tonic was touted as a restaurant serving traditional American tavern food, but they apparently serve no food at all and have no kitchen, so it is really just a bar with a Z-Burger take-out option for drinkers who get the munchies and don't want to stroll next door to Z-Burger. I wonder how that affects a restaurant's operator's license and liquor license in DC......

Originally posted 1/27/09

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