Glover Park, Washington, DC

Friday, September 18, 2009

Restaurant Specials and Discounts

Here are some Glover Park restaurant specials, discounts and events ongoing. Subject to change of course, so check with the restaurants.

Stroller happy hour - Thursdays 5-7 pm - drink specials and special accomodations for kids and parents.
Oyster happy hour - Mon-Fri 5:30-7 pm - $1 oysters on the half shell; and drink specials

Happy hour - 4-7 pm - $4.00 beer and wine specials

Open bar - $20 Saturdays and Sundays during football games
Tuesdays until 10 pm - 2-for-1 drinks

Happy hour - Mon-Fri 4-7 pm - drink specials
Monday - 2 slices and beer - $5
Tuesday - 2 salad, 12" pizza, 2 drinks - $24
Wednesday - half price bottles of wine and lasagna specials
Thursday - 1/2 price pints of beer

Octoberfest - September thru October - drink and dinner specials

Lunch combo specials weekdays

Happy hour - Mon-Fri, 5-6 pm - half price drinks
Monday: Free Chips and 7 layer dip with the purchase of an alcoholic beverage.
Tuesday: Kids eat free night. One free kids meal with the purchase of one regular dinner item
Wednesday: Half priced wine and bloody mary

Happy hour - Mon-Fri 5-7 pm - $3 beer
15% off dining before 7 pm Mon-Fri
Tues 5 pm to close - half price bottles of wine
Glover Park night - Wed. 5-10:30 pm - $15% off your bill for Glover Park residents

Thursday - live jazz night and 2-for-1 dining specials
Friday - 2-for-1 appetizers
Saturday - half priced bottles of wine with 2 entrees
Sunday - bring your dog happy hour - 4-7 pm - drink specials

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Glover Archbold Park Deer Population

The National Park Service is considering using sharpshooters to reduce the overpopulation of deer in Rock Creek Park, including its Glover Park extension of Glover Archbold Park. The proposal has caused controversy as those opposed to the measure argue there are more humane ways to reduce the population, while those who support it believe that is is the humane way to deal with the problem that has grown into a real threat to the habitat and to people. The last estimate in 2007 was 82 deer per square mile - 4 times the maximum acceptable number.