Glover Park, Washington, DC

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wisconsin Overlook club

An illegal nightclub has been operating in Glover Park for a while now. The internet is abuzz with advertisements for all-you-can-drink dance parties at "Wisconsin Overlook", a club operating under the radar of DC and Glover park officials, and unlicensed to operate any business let alone serve alcohol and charge admission. The club is located in a new residential/commercial building at 2136 Wisconsin that has had a hard time attracting new tenants. It appears that the owner is 2 years in arrears on sky-high property taxes and the property has been flagged for a DC tax sale in September.

DCRA, ANC3B and the GPCA have done nothing to stop them, probably because they haven't applied for any business or liquor license, permit, or zoning variance so it seems no official has been paying attention. Yet, they all have attacked Town Hall relentlessly as they tried to legally navigate all these hurdles to operating their business.

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