Glover Park, Washington, DC

Friday, November 9, 2012

Leaf Collection in Glover Park

City leaf collection in Glover Park begins 11/19.  The neighborhood will get at least two leaf vacuums. The Department of Public Works has instructed residents to put leaves in the treebox area between the sidewalk and the street, not in the street itself, as that can cause a hazard for cars, buses, bikes and pedestrians and will clog sewer drains. The deadline for the first vacuum is Sunday 11/18, for collection between 11/19-12/1.  The deadline for the second vacuum is 12/16, for collection 12/17-12/29. If necessary, we might get a third vacuum between 1/7-1/12. Now of course if they don't come until the end the period, then those leaves in the treebox area will get blown out all over the place after a couple of good storms, but this is the schedule. They have asked for leaves only - no limbs, rocks, dirt, etc... which could damage vacuum equipment.  Can you imagine being one of the rakers who rakes miles and miles of leaves into the street ahead of the vacuum truck? I dread just raking my own tiny square of lawn.  These guys work hard....

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