Glover Park, Washington, DC

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Glover Park Neighborhood Signs

Glover Park has two new neighborhood signs now installed along Wisconsin Avenue! One is at Calvert Street, which you see driving south, and the other is just below W Place, seen driving north into the neighborhood. Neighbors have long discussed the possibility of adding the signs as a visual enhancement and identity for the neighborhood, similar to the Palisades neigborhood signs installed along MacArthur Blvd. years ago. The signs are tastefully done and represent the typical streetscape of the Glover Park neighborhood with old brick and painted rowhouses along a tree-lined street.

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  1. I assume this went through an approval process and our bad for not knowing about said process, but this sign makes Glover Park look like a combo of Pleasantville (my husband's contribution) and Stepford: surreal and creepy---two adjectives that describe a place much unlike GP. My understanding from online news is that the $ was allocated from a $25,000 settlement with a local condo development. Some of the sign quotes I have found online seem pretty outrageous, but then again I don't know the final cost. I just wish there was a simple, universally appealing and lasting sign to announce our special neighborhood and that most of the money went to clean up and sprucing the area. 37th Street behind the businesses is such an eyesore that could have used it. My apologies if I offend the artist. There is obvious talent, just not our cup of tea and, again, our bad for not being involved in the process.